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February 19, 2012
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Rebecca a young girl at age 7, long dark brown hair that reaches her waist, while pale skin, she's the shortest in her class, she's quite skinny and she is often a bit shy, but has a curious mind.

Mother Average kind loving mother, always wants the best for Rebecca but always busy with work as well.

Eric Rebecca's neighbor, he is at age 15, has short blond hair, normal white skin, height is around 5'7, much skinny and light like Rebecca, he loves Rebbeca like a sister and has taken care of her ever since she was an infant, but Eric has a secret that she doesn't even know.

Rebecca's Doctor like any average doctor, male, has been Rebecca's doctor at her birth, always loved Rebecca's company, and enjoys giving her exams.

Rebecca was taken home from school early today from her mother because today was her physical exam. "Mommy? Why do I have to get a physical exam?" "Well sweetie, we have to make sure you are healthy and not sick in any kind of way." "What if I'm healthy already? Can I not go then?" "Haha no it doesn't work like that, we have to make sure you really are healthy, even if you feel healthy doesn't always mean you are healthy." Rebecca agreed finally and put her arm on the arm's rest and leaned on her arm.

Once they got there, Rebecca just wanted the exam to get over with and go back home so she could get back to what ever she likes doing. They waited in the waiting room after her mother signed her in and soon she was called in. Her doctor was a very kind man and always enjoyed her company, Rebecca always tells her random stories about fairytales and real life. Soon after a while of the exam, the doctor needed to check Her body and asked her mother to leave the room which she did. Rebecca took off all of her clothes except her underclothing and laid down the bed, the doctor looked at her body very closely at every part of her body and do far everything was fine, but then he came across her tummy and heard something very strange, almost like something like little sounds. The doctor put pressure in different places but nothing, then he deeply piled her bellybutton and rebecca gasped, the doctor also heard the sound come louder, he grabbed the the tiny flashlight and used it to look inside her navel, the doctor gasped to see what he was looking at. Rebecca's bellybutton was filled with scabs, powder, oil, and so much other junks. "... How did you get so many things into your bellybutton sweetie?" rebecca blushed and had a short flashback of what happened.

Yesterday evening, Eric come over to babysit her since her mother wasn't home. He knew he was home alone with Rebecca and could do anything that he wanted but he decided to wait a few minutes. After waiting he asked her if she wanted to know a secret, Rebecca of course wanted to know and Eric told her, "Did you know that your bellybutton has something special inside? I can help you find orbit it might be a bit painful" Rebecca's eyes lit up from excitement and agreed, she laid down and Eric lifted up her shirt slowly, feeling her tummy and squiring it a bit. Then he quickly grabbed a few tools from the side and told it would help with the process. Soon Eric was torturing her bellybutton so much that she was crying to stop, he didn't of course and continued, he also began to put some random stuff into her bellybutton and shoved it deep inside, then he tortured her navel even more till she fainted.

Rebecca came back to reality and noticed the doctor was still on her bellybutton trying to find out what happened, Rebecca told him that she did that to herself. The doctor was confused but agreed, he then gently cleaned it out. Soon her mother came back in but the doctor kept of what happened a secret with Rebecca.

Soon Rebecca and her mother left home, they noticed Eric had gotten home from school. Rebecca's mother had to go to work and asked Eric to babysit Rebecca and he agreed. Soon they both were alone in the house once more, Rebecca knew what was going to happen, then she ask Eric, "... So what was the secret inside of my bellybutton?" Eric gasped completely forgot to tell her, "Oh.. Umm... I-I can't remember, but I can look again to find out. Rebecca agreed and laid down as Eric lifted up her shirt and grabbed some more tools, right before he was going to insert the screwdriver, Rebecca disturbed by asking,  "... Do you just want to play with my bellybutton?" Eric then blushed a bit and didn't replay back feeling scared that she found out, Rebecca then said, "You know I won't mind it, it actually was kinda fun." Eric was shocked to hear what she just said, he was so excited and replied back, "Y-you do??? Then yes!!! I just wanted to play with your bellybutton, it's so adorable, I love it!!" Rebecca giggled and allowed him to continue. After a while of soft torturing, Eric thought of an idea, he quickly left and came back with so etching in his hand, he then laid it out on her tummy and she gasped to find it was a big fat worm, she didn't like this idea but the worm had already squirmed into her bellybutton and became so deep, Rebecca giggled from so much ticklish but Eric held her arms down beside her head do she couldn't remove the worm.

Soon Rebecca fell asleep and Eric took out the worm and placed it back outside, he then picked her up and placed her on her bed. He put the blanket on her and placed his hand on her tummy and began patting it, then Eric felt the need of her bellybutton more, he removed the blanket to her waist and lifted up her shirt, then he began to finger her navel deeply. Soon Eric was interested into trying much more. He used a needle and poked her bellybutton slowly and pushed it in a bit but not too much, he then used a marble and pushed it deep into her navel but then took it back out, he found a power drill and put it at slow and gently began to spin it gently against her bellybutton. Rebecca gasped in pain as she woke up, she saw Eric messing with her bellybutton with a drill but allowed him to continue. Eric pushed it deeper slowly and gave much more pain but soon stopped, he then sat beside Rebecca and began rubbing her tummy till she fell asleep once more, then he continued run his finger in her navel slowly and softly, then soon he grew tired and fell asleep as well beside her.

An hour passed and Eric woke up from hearing a loud knock at the door, he slowly approached the front door and opened it, he found 2 men at the door asking if they would be able to stay at the house for a few days, Eric told him that it wasn't his house and he was babysitting. The 2 men then left and Eric locked the door and laid down on the couch fell asleep once more. Suddenly the 2 men sneaked through one of the windows and quickly went upstairs to one of the rooms to hide in. The first room they came to was Rebecca's, they noticed her tummy was exposed and she had an adorable bellybutton. The 2 men looked at her with curious minds and began to rub her tummy and rub her bellybutton. Soon Rebecca woke up and gasped to find 2 men on her, she was about to scream but one of the men covered her mouth and showed her a knife threatening her, she had no choice but to allow them to continue.

After about 20 mins Eric woke up and went upstairs to check on rebecca, he noticed she was still sleeping but had no conscious of the 2 men were inside the house. Eric picked up rebecca holder her against his chest and went downstairs and gently placed her on the sofa. He came to the kitchen and began to make something for her to eat, rebecca soon woke up then remembered the 2 men were still inside, she was just about to go tell Eric but one of the men grabbed her with a knife pointing right at her, she slowly backed away and say back on the sofa. The other man slowly approached Eric from behind, at first Eric thought it was rebecca but when he turned around, he gasped and the man tackled him to the floor and held him down, Eric tried to get up but the man held him down from his chest and threw an extremely heavy punch right into his gut, heroic still tried to escape, the man threw another one, Eric still was conscious, then the man threw a much stronger punish right on top of her navel and shoved his fast deeper into his gut and soon Eric fainted.

They took them into the basement of the house and chained them both on the wall with that made their arms above their head and chained on their angles against the wall. Rebecca was scared as she found Eric beside her, fainted, she soon then begs to cry and Eric heard her tears falling onto the ground and he gasped awake but noticed he was choice next to Rebecca. He calmed her down told her not to worry, and Rebecca relaxed herself and soon calmed down. Soon the men came down into the basement and had a tool box with them, one of them said to Eric and Rebecca, "I'm going to be staying here for a while, anyone who disrespects me or my orders will be punished, but let's not get too worried, I was to have fun with you kids." With saying that, both the men came to Eric and Rebecca, they cut off both their shirts so their tummies were exposed, then they used screwdrivers and shoved it into their bellybuttons extremely hard and twisted torturing them do much. Soon they both got a power drill and put it at low but placed it into their bellybuttons and pushed down slowly increasing the pressure going much deeper and almost penetrating through their skin. Then after they both put table in front of them each against them and put the 2 drills on the table, they positioned the table so the drill would go directly into their bellybutton. Then they put the drill at high, also taping the drill to the table do it wouldn't move, they pushed their tummy's back against the wall so they couldn't back up a bit, then they placed the drills into their bellybuttons and exited the basement.

After a few minutes, Rebecca's bellybutton began to blood from so much drilling deep, Eric's bellybutton was much red but not bleeding yet. Rebecca could feel her navel becoming deeper and more painful, but there was nothing they could do but hope for the drill to make a hole into their navels do they don't have to worry about the pain anymore. Soon rebecca fainted but Eric was still wide awake and still trying to escape some how, but eventually fainted as well.

Soon the men came downstairs and noticed both of them had lost conscious and do they turned off the drills, they noticed Rebecca's bellybutton was stretched a bit and much bloody, Eric's bellybutton was a bit deeper as well but not bloody at all, instead very red. They then allowed them to heal for a while and waited till one of them wakes up. Soon Eric wakes up first then the men told him that he was free to go, but he complained back that he will not leave without Rebecca, they then allowed him to stay physically, but not alive. The men the grabbed his knife and came close to Eric and pointed the knife at him.

Rebecca's mother came home with some groceries and was looking around for Rebecca or Eric. The man placed the knife right into his bellybutton, and slowly began pushing, slowly stretching his skin. The mon was scared now if they might of left as she continued to search upstairs. Soon the knife had barely penetrated his skin and Eric closed his eyes. The mother then looked downstairs everywhere and still no luck. Now the knife was. Slowly going deeper and Eric thought his time was up and would die in a few seconds, the knife was almost an inch deep. Suddenly rebecca's mother came into the basement to see rebecca and Eric tied and the one of the men stabbing Eric. Eric began to leak a bit of blood from his mouth as well from his bellybutton, but the mother kicked the man in a certain area knocking him out and tackles the other man and began pinching him on the ground. After victoriously beating up the men, the mother pressed her hand on Eric's tummy and pulled the knife out very slowly. Then she cut the chains off of both Eric and Rebecca and quickly took them to the hospital.

After some time, the doctor escorted Rebecca out on a wheel chair, her face was so pale and her eyes were full of fear and death, her mother was glad to see she was okay but knew the expression on her face. The doctor took the mother to the room to where Eric was in bed. Her mother's eyes drowned in tears as she had seen the boy who tried everything to save my daughter's life by risking his own. The doctor said, "we are doing out best, but it doesn't look too good, try to tell Rebecca about it since she deserves to know."

The mother came to Rebecca, "... Sweetie, I just talked to the doctor, they told me that you should know the truth... Eric might not be coming back..." Rebecca has absolutely no expression, as if she already knew about it. They both went home and tried to heal themselves do they can continue to move on.

3 months later, there was a knock at the door and Rebecca went to go answer it, it was some strange boy who reminded her of someone but didn't know who. "... Hey" "Uhh, hello, can I help you?" ".. Well actually yes, you can" the boy stood back a bit, "Do you know who I am?" Rebecca look at him from top to bottom for a few seconds then she gasped, realizing who it was. "... E--Eric??" the boy nodded with a bit of a smirk. Rebecca then quickly hugged him very tightly crying silently, Eric began rubbing her back and said to her lightly, "It's okay... I'm always here for you."
This was made out of random, just thought I would relax and just write a story. It took me at least an hour to write since I couldn't really think of anything to write and I fell asleep for almost 30 minutes between that hour. Hope you enjoy it and please remember to comment and rate!! :)
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