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Yutani and I decided to stay home and relax for a bit before we left to rescue our friends. Yutani was becoming really upset from missing her friends, I've tried to cheer her up, it did work for a while but soon she went back to her depression. I decided to treat her to a little surprise, so I made her body just like mine, very small with a pure beautiful bellybutton, and it was indestructible. Soon she was happy and was ready to leave.


We grabbed everything we needed and looked at each other for a sec, then we opened the door and a cool breeze flew in. I t was so powerful that we almost flew back. We had no choice but to close the doors and wait for the breeze to pass by, but unfortunately the breeze knocked both of us back hitting the wall and making us both unconscious.

Soon we woke up in the same place as we were pushed back by the wind and the doors were closed, Yutani cling to me said to me, "Ahlam…? What just happened?" "I… I don't know, but let's see if the breeze is gone." I slowly approach the door hoping the wind won't hit the door on my face. I reach the door knob and slowly turn it and open the door. I freak out at first but notice it's nothing dangerous. There was no more wind, but there was a boy, around the age of 16, he wore a casual long sleeve shirt, dark blue skinny jeans, black Vans, his hair was going down but was spiked from the middle, and his face… It looked so familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on it, although I could tell he was Japanese from his eyes and tone of voice. "Hi, my name is Ken."

I greet him and tell Yutani to as well, when she sees him, she looks away a bit blushing and greets him. We bring him in into the living room and seat him on of the couches. Yutani just sits beside me hiding herself now that she's small as me, I say, "So, I can see the wind is gone, I don't think I've seen your face before, are you new?" "Yes actually I've moved into this neighbor hood a week ago and just finished unpacking." "So how do you like here so far?" "Well… The neighbors are quite nice and quiet, my old neighborhood was extremely noise" "…What do you mean?" "Well, the old neighbors used to have parties all night, be very annoying and always caused trouble" "Oh, don't worry about these people, they are usually quiet. Let me grab you some tea and biscuits, while then, you can chat with Yutani, she's a bit shy."

I leave to the kitchen, Yutani stares down at the floor, she looks up but can't stop blushing, Ken says trying to cheer her up, "You look very beautiful, what's your secret?" Yutani now begins to giggle a bit, when she looks up, ken is sitting right in front of her, she jumps back, Ken says, "Aww, don't be shy, I just want to try something…" He stares into her eyes, his eyes turn from blue to piercing red, and Yutani she falls into a deep sleep. Ken giggles then he lifts up her shirt and finds the most beautiful bellybutton he has seen, "My lucky day" he says, "She's so cute and small too, guess I get a bonus" His tongue comes out of his mouth and slithers like a snake into her bellybutton, it goes very deep inside, making her moan and sweat little, but remain unconscious. He enjoys the taste of her bellybutton, he thinks to himself, "It's so clean, so deep, so sexy…" He hears my footsteps coming and he sucks out his tongue, covers up her tummy and sits back where I saw him last.

"There you go" I place the tray of tea and biscuits on the table, "Oh I'm sorry, Yutani must have fallen asleep since she usually stays up at night." "Oh don't worry, I don't mind, she was quite entertaining to look at" I giggle a bit but feel a bit creped out. "Let me just take her to her room, be back in a bit." I pick her up and carry her to her room, I drop her on her bed and she jolts us yelling, "No wait!! My bellybutton!!" I jump back from her screaming, "What are you talking about? You passed out in front of our guest, good job for busting that move." "No I didn't fall asleep, he paralyzed me to sleep, then he used me for his own pleasure." "… Okay I think you just have a bad dream from watching too many scary movies," "No wait, look!" Yutani lifts up her shirt and her bellybutton is a bit red and has some saliva in it. I freak out thinking that she could be right, after all, those words he said earlier


"There you go. Oh I'm sorry, Yutani must have fallen asleep since she usually stays up at night." "Oh don't worry, I don't mind, she was quite entertaining to look at"


I start to wonder why he would use those words, but I still had a feeling Yutani could be lying and trying to get rid of him. "Wait here, I'll just talk with him, maybe you just had a bad dream." Yutani clings to my arm. "NO!! Don't go down there, there's a monster in our living room!!" I snatch my arm away from her, "Don't worry, I know what I'm doing." I walk down stairs back to Ken, I notice he is just sitting there staring at the biscuits and tea. "You haven't touched your snack, is something wrong?" "No, no, it's fine… Is your friend going to be alright?" "Yeah don't worry, she just had a bad dream. So how are things?" "Good as normal… would you mind looking into my eyes?" I first feel a bit strange, but I guess he just wants me to check if there's something in his eyes. I sit beside him and stare into his eyes. "Okay, now wh…" His eye turn red and now has control of my entire body.

He says to me, "Now, tell me about Yutani, about her bellybutton." "What is it that you want to know about her bellybutton, master?" "Is it naturally that beautiful? Or did, you do something to it to fix it up?" "I helped her tummy to get as small as mine, then made her bellybutton look just like mine." "Oh, so you're the one with the true body, it truly is amazing, will you lie down on this couch and reveal your tummy for me?" He stands up and I lay across the couch, slowly lifting up my shirt and soon my entire tummy and bellybutton are showing. "Oh, what beautiful art you creatures are." He first rubs my tummy, he falls in love with it right away, he loves how small it is, and my bellybutton, how it has the perfect shape and is pure with no folds or damaged. "Would you mind if I, I don't know, play with it?" "Certainly master, your wish is my command." He chuckles then begins to finger my bellybutton, then pushing it, harder, harder, and harder, even going past my backbone. I just lay still under control. Then he slithers his tongue out like a snake, and into my bellybutton, it slides inside side so deep, that is travels through out my entire body.

Yutani comes down stairs wondering why I was taking so long, then she noticed my body was possessed and Ken had his tongue deep inside of my bellybutton, she wanted to save me but didn't want to get captured herself. Luckily after a while, he removed his tongue, wiped off the saliva from my bellybutton and sat me up and got me back to sense. I shock my head feeling a bit dizzy and said, "I'll… Be right back, I'm feeling a bit, strange." "Don't worry, take your time, I'm still here."

I walked away feeling a bit wobbly but as I reached the stares I bumped into Yutani and we both walked upstairs into her room. She said freaking out, "Do you know what just happened??" "What are you talking about, I just got a bit dizzy from… Something." "No it wasn't that, Ken possessed your body and he toyed with your bellybutton, doesn't it feel weird?" "Well… It does feel a bit weak for some reason, but… It couldn't be him. Why do all the good looking boys have to be evil??" Just then something grabs me from behind and pulls me out of the room. I try to scream this slimy rope is squeezing me. Slowly I faint and the end of the rope leads to being Ken's tongue, he locks me into a room and sits down on the couch acting like nothing happened.

Yutani was frozen from fear but snapped out of it. She runs downstairs and finds Ken sitting there with a cute face. Yutan can't help but blushes, it's like she gets possessed without Ken's powers. She sits beside him and says, "Oh… Hello there, I just couldn't help but notice your eyes were like, sparkling---" She continues talking about how cute he looks, but without her knowing, Ken uses his hand and sneaks his was to her shirt, is slowly slides under and finds the bellybutton, he presses his fingers with a jolt into her upper tummy and she faints right away falling on him.

Soon Yutani and I both wake up and find ourselves tied to the wall with our arms and legs spread far apart making an X form, we look around and notice how the room is painted green and has a plain look to it with a box off to the side. Ken: "So, you girls finally woke up after your sleep, did you sleep well?" Yutani: "I told you he was evil, all cute guys are always evil, no doubt!" Me: "Shush! I don't need to be reminded, I wasn't the one who put myself into a trap" Yutani: "Yeah, who would be stupid enough to do such a thing." Me: Would of gave myself a face-palm if one of my hands were free. Ken: Okay, enough of your chit-chat, I want to play a little game with you girls." Yutani: "Wh-what kind of game?" Ken: "Oh just a pleasure game, don't worry you will understand how it works. Here are the rules, I will test your bellybutton to find out whose can last the longest without loosing their shape and beauty. Yutani's eyes widen as she goes through a flash back…


"Don't worry Yutani, your bellybutton will stay as beautiful no matter how much damage it takes."


Yutani (whisper): "Will out bellybutton stay beautiful no matter what?" Me (whisper): "Yes but…" Yutani (whisper): "But what…?" Me (whisper): "…But that doesn't mean we won't feel the pain. I'm sorry but… Get ready for what ever comes at you." Ken: "Okay no more chatting around, let's begin with… You, Yutani." Yutani's eyes widen and she begins to panic a bit.

Ken gets a pair of sharp scissors and Yutani closes her eyes hard thinking what he might do. Ken just cuts open her shirt enough for her bellybutton to be shown, he bends down and give her tummy a quick kiss making Yutani blush a bit. First he places his finger into her bellybutton and begins to rub, push, and scratch her bellybutton, Yutani feels much pain but she can survive.

Then Ken grabs a needle from the box and touches the tip of it into her bellybutton. He slowly gives it a push going harder and harder and soon it finally stabs into her bellybutton, he pushes it so deep inside, he almost looses it but manages to pull it back out. Yutani has some tears dropping down her check but she's okay.

Ken pushes a liver making the wall lay down so now Yutani is laying down now while still tied up, he grabs a screw and a screw diver. He places the tip of the screw into her bellybutton and holds it still and places the screw diver onto of it and begins to twist. At first it has made no progress but son the screw has gone really deep and really painful, Yutani begins to moan from the pressure but remains calm. He unscrews the screw inside of her bellybutton and yet her bellybutton remains fine and beautiful.

Next Ken grabs a sharp little dagger and smirks a bit. Yutani is now freaking out and closes her eyes extremely hard. Ken places the tip of the dagger into her bellybutton and begins to push, harder and harder, soon the dagger has pierced her skin. He continues and she begins to cough out blood. Ken pauses for a bit and pulls another lever, now right behind her bellybutton on the ground she lays on, here is an opening so stuff that stab her can go all the way through. He continues and pushes the dagger at his hardest and the blade passes her backbone and right through her back. Yutani coughs out more blood now with her vision blurry from loss of blood and weakness. Ken removed the the dagger and notices her bellybutton heals right away, He smirks thinking he can have all the fun he wants.

Ken instead of using a tool, he jumps onto Yutani and wraps his arms around her little waist, he begins to bear hug it extremely hard, making her loose air quickly. Soon he lets go and places his thumb in her bellybutton and begins to push extremely hard. So hard it goes in so deep and making her exhale air hard, making her skin pale from no air. Finally he lets go letting her inhale but not much because of the size of her small tummy.

After a while, he decides to let her relax now, since he has tortured her bellybutton much, He looks over to me with a big grin and smirk on his face. I gasp hoping it won't be more painful than Yutani's. I look over to Yutani she is really pale and worn out, but her bellybutton remains beautiful. Ken flicks 2 levers and it makes the wall lay down like a table, making me now lie down still tied up and the other switch opens a spot just under my bellybutton for stabbing to go right through my tummy.

Ken decides to go hardcore on me. First he cuts open my shirt just enough for my bellybutton to show and be tortured, then he grabs a thin but long metal pole with a very sharp at the end. He places the tip right into my bellybutton, it was so sharp that just touching my bellybutton made it bleed. He begins to push lightly and in a few seconds, the pole has pierced me skin, he continues and it just cuts through me like butter. I feel so much pain, that my skin already has turned pale and I faint right away. Ken laughs and says, "Well well well… Looks like you can't take it, but don't worry, I'll stil continue, even if you want to sleep through it." Ken continues to pushes the pole and in just a few inches, it has stabbed entirely through my tummy. He goes all the way down till the tip is now touching the ground below my table. He steps back to get a good look at me, from his point of view, I am fainted on the table and I have a 6 foot metal pole going right through my tummy. He get's back closer and begins to twist the pole, I moan a bit and he notices that I still feel pain even when sleeping.

Soon he pulls out the pole and looks at my bellybutton, what was first a hole going through my tummy, is now back to being my beautiful bellybutton. Ken grabs a power drill with a sharp tip at the end of it. He turns it at low and slowly reaches for my bellybutton. Finally the tip touches the back of my bellybutton and the feeling is really cold, but hot as well. He gives it a little push bit it isn't hard enough to pierce my skin, he puts it on medium and it pierces my skin but not much deep. Then Ken puts it at max and it stabs so deep, that blood is being thrown from the drill. He pulls out the drill and puts his finger inside my wounded bellybutton, the feeling made him so relaxed but me more painful. Soon my bellybutton healed back to normal and Ken was just getting started.

Ken jumped onto my table and sat on top of me, first he gave my bellybutton a little kiss, then he wraps his arms around my tummy and gave my tummy first a sweet worming hug, but then he started to bear hug my tummy and air just flew out of my body and my tummy began to contract. Finally he let go and my body automatically sucked in air but not much from my tummy being so small. Then Ken placed his finger in my bellybutton and pushed as hard as he cold, his fingers stabbed my bellybutton a bit, but it healed right away. Ken then laid down on top of me with his face on top of my tummy. He began to play with it like kissing, sucking, licking, poking, chewing, and tasting. Soon I woke up and felt this ticklish feeling, I noticed it ws Ken and allowed it to continue since it was quite relaxing and ticklish.

Ken noticed I was up and decided to get off of me and let me go. I was finally wasn't tied up, so I gave Ken a hug forgetting he was evil. I tried to let go of Ken after the hug but he wouldn't let go. I felt a weird feeling that something was crawling on me, then I got paralyzed and under control again, this time, Ken's soul was within me.

First I walked over to Yutani as she remained sleeping, the my tongue was just like Ken's, it slid into her bellybutton so deep, that I could feel everything inside of her. I could feel energy from her being drained to me, and her body was getting cold. She was moaning and aching but I couldn't stop since I was under control. Then I lifted out my tongue back into my mouth then my hand lifted and it slowly crawled it's way up to my tummy and I placed one finger into my bellybutton to rest. Then I felt a bit of strength coming from inside of me, I took this as an opportunity. I stabbed my finger into my bellybutton and felt something slimy and hard in my bellybutton, I grabbed it very tight and pulled it out with all of my force. Soon it came out and it looked like a 6 feet long tongue, I was free. I looked over to Ken, whose body was sleeping and so I stabbed my fingers into his bellybutton and pulled out the same thing, he fell onto the floor unconscious. I turn to Yutani and did the same thing as well, pulling out the tongue, then I untied her and collapsed from loosing all of my energy.

I woke up on the couch in the living room, Ken was staring at me while holding me hand, I jumped back but he said to me, "Oh please don't be alarmed, for you have saved me from the curse." "C-curse? ... You mean that thing inside of your bellybutton that controlled you into torturing out bellybuttons?" "Yes, I got that curse from going to this castle not too far from here, a big tall man with his face covered gave it to me, but I never wanted it." "Oh, I see, we met the same guy too… But we lost 3 of hour friends from that castle." Yutani walks into her room since she doesn't want to hear anything further of this. "Will… it be okay for me to join your party in rescuing your friends? I could be such great assistance." I think to myself if I could trust his, after all he did torture my bellybutton, but he was cursed. "I suppose, Welcome to the group" "Oh thank you so much! I'm sure of you, you won't be disappointed."

I walk into Yutani to tell her about the news, when I walk in she is sitting on the side of her bed, curled up looking out her window. "Yutani… Don't worry, we will leave first thing in the morning, and we will find our friends in time, I'm sure they are fine." "It's not that… its just that, me and the others had so much planned for tomorrow, it's kinda funny how I have to add 'saving from monster' to the list." I give her a hug from behind. "Don't worry, we will save them right before your plans begin with them, then you guys can have all the fun you need since you will be saving them. Besides you can tell them stories of how you stopped the monster." We giggle a bit, then Ken knocks at the door and I allow him to come in, he says to Yutani, "Umm.. Yutani? I just wanted to apologize of how I treated you earlier." She blushes a bit while facing the opposite direction on Ken, "Oh.. Don't worry its fine… To be honest, I actually enjoyed it." "Oh really?" Yutani's eyes widen, Ken jumps on top of her and begins to tickle her tummy, Yutani giggles as she blushes a bit harder. I just step outside waiting for them to finish.

I rest on the couch and they finally both come downstairs looking like they just ran a marathon. Me: "Had fun?" Ken: "Quite actually" Yutani: "My tummy is hurting a bit from his finger constantly poking my bellybutton" Ken: "Sorry about that, I couldn't help myself" Yutani: "Aww, don't worry it's fine" Me: "Okay enough of you 2 love birds, we need to focus on getting to our friends and rescuing them without getting trapped ourselves." Ken: "How about we discuss it at my house, since we recently moved in, we have a lot of extra rooms that we can use for sleepovers and working on our strategy." We all agree to his idea… Then a knock came, it sounded like a dinosaur was right outside of our house, then a strange sound started playing and it was so disruptive that we all fainted right away, leaving us unconscious for sometime.

I hope you guys enjoyed this one, it only took me like 2 days to write it since I had the idea already in my head, I just started kinda late. This is not the last part of The Castle, its pretty close to the last but not yet. Iím not too sure if the next is the last, deciding it might be but could change my mind. Anyway, have fun reading, Comment and favorite. Thanks guys! <3
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